FIFA Street is reincarnated with Volta Football in FIFA 20, and men and women can finally share a pitch EXAMPL POST 3

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FIFA Street hasn’t been seen since 2012, but EA is bringing it back for FIFA 20 with the brand new Volta Football mode. This is FIFA Street as you remember it: 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5, each with different modes like Rush Football (no goalkeepers) and professional futsal. Volta Football is coming as part of FIFA 20 rather than a separate game, so read on for absolutely everything we know about Volta Football, AKA FIFA Street reincarnated.

In an exclusive GamesRadar interview with EA Canada about this new mode, executive producer Aaron McHardy described Volta Football as “grander, better, faster, stronger, and, perhaps most importantly, realer.” This is the angle EA is going for with this new mode; you can play in small pitches around the world, from a Tokyo rooftop to an Amsterdam underpass. It was built with the normal match engine as a starting point, then tweaked to make it more suitable to the scaled-down environments. 

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